Vantage College (formerly Excel Learning Center), was founded by Sofia and Eduardo Tribaldos in 2006 in El Paso, Texas as an accredited Texas career school offering diploma and certificate programs. Vantage now has five campus locations across the state, including two in El Paso, two in San Antonio, and one in Austin. We offer eleven different programs in today's fastest growing fields, including healthcare, IT, and management.

All Vantage College campuses are credited by the Council on Occupational Education, and we meet regularly with program advisory committees to make sure our programs are relevant and up-to-date. Classes start every 2-3 weeks, and at any given time Vantage has about 300 students across its five campuses. Vantage is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to offer federal student aid to those who qualify, and offers additional financial options such as institutional grants and loans  to students who still cannot afford tuition.


Vantage College offers:

  • Day and night classes
  • Small class sizes that allow for personal attention
  • Hands-on career-oriented education
  • Reasonable affordable tuition fees
  • Financial aid to all who qualify
  • Interview preparation
  • Job placement assistance
  • National industry certifications
  • Strong links with employers for placement effectiveness
  • Certified instructors
  • Financial aid to those who qualify
  • Flexible tutoring schedules
  • Class-related field trips


Testimonials Header

“Vantage College is the best thing that has happened in my life other than my son...when I first walked into the doors of Vantage College I knew that this would be a life changing experience for me the staff were really helpful in helping me figure out what it is that I really wanted out of life, the instructors are very loving and caring for the students any help that's needed they are there for you. The Campus Director is awesome!!! To all that would really like to make big accomplishments in life I Kizzez Brown introduce to you Vantage College!!! Come one come all.”
-Kizzez B.

“Before Vantage College, I was struggling to make ends meet. Now I’m working with a senior I.T. Security Analyst protecting federal web servers. I am a proud Vantage College graduate!”
-Luis S.

“Love it. Small class so that you can have an one to one with teachers. If need help there is tutoring! When you are finish they help find a job. Thanks to everyone for your help!! I recommend this school!!”
-Jacqueline L.

“My experience so far at Vantage College has been awesome!! They have really good qualified instructors that have helped me really understand the material and pass the courses. The college is really stepping up in accommodating to the needs of the students currently enrolled. The new renovations and new departments will make Vantage even better for future students. Thank you Vantage!!!”
-Emily V.

“Enrolling in the medical assistant training program at Vantage College was the best decision I have made for myself. From the first day of classes I was very impressed with the school and the curriculum that emphasizes a hands-on approach.”
-Sheila P.

“I am currently attending the Medical Assistant program and I enjoy going to school everyday. The instructors are very helpful and being hands on gives you the experience you need for working in a hospital.”
-Latara J.

“Went through their Medical Assistant program and absolutely loved it! Great instructors and very hands on unlike other schools. Strongly recommend!”
-Darnell W.

“I'm working to get my Medical Assistant certification. The teachers and the office staff are great, they inspires students to become better and to keep up the good work. Vantage College is a great place to better your future. I do recommend Vantage College for anyone and everyone who wants and desires to better themselves and their lives.”
-Angelica M.

“Here at Vantage College my teachers have helped me to excel in my IT career. I have not only learned about IT, teachers and administration have also helped me in my personal values. I would like to thank the Vantage College administration for all of the help they have provided, I definitely recommend Vantage for anyone who is interested in achieving a career in the IT field and medical.”
-Frank C.

“Vantage College has helped me expand my knowledge on becoming a phlebotomist. It has given me a opportunity in the medical field to become good at what I love. The teachers can be a little challenging at time but its only so we can adapt to what's really in the medical field”
-Dauris P.

“Before attending Vantage College I was a homeless high school drop out with very little opportunities. The road that I was heading down was selfish and self destructive, I knew my worth I just didn't know how to go about it. Then I was approached about attending Vantage College while waiting for a bus at the North Lamar transit center. I was doubtful at first, I asked myself how can someone like me go to college? But I gave them a call and set up a meeting for the next day. I have now earned my high school diploma through Vantage's high school pilot program as well as attending Medical Assistance classes.”
-James F.

“I'm attending Vantage College to become an MA. So far I received three certifications and still have a couple more to get. I've been here for two months and I absolutely love it, the staff members and as well as my classmates are very friendly and helpful, I would definitely recommend Vantage College.”
-Kelseey J.

“I’ve been a student for 14 months for the Applied Science Associates degree program. It has gone by super fast for me and I can't wait to start my new career in the medical field. I would definitely recommend Vantage College to anyone wanting to pursue their career in the medical field. It's never too late to go back to school. My dream has become real and I will continue life long learning. The instructors are amazing, there's plenty of hands-on learning in the lab and flexibility with class time schedules. Today is my last day and I completed my AAS. I can't wait to put that baby on my wall!”
-Yvonne M.

“My experience at Vantage College has been delightful. Helpful staff and wonderful teachers helped accelerate my IT career. The personal touch as with the instructor Oscar Lopez has made it easy for me to draw from his knowledge and experience.”
-Cesar C.

“Gracias! Vantage College por ayudarme a creer en mi. Se me hacia muy dificil pensar en estudiar una carrera ya que no contaba con mi diploma,ustedes lo hicieron posible. Ahora emprendi mi camino hacia el campo medico. Exelentes maestros, muy capacitados y experimentados en el campo. Espero graduarme y continuar con mi educacion. Gracias ala maestra, Ms, Silva por compartir todas sus experiencias que me ayudaran mucho en el futuro.”
-Egla S.

“Am currently coming to Vantage now in their medical assisting program. When I first started it was a small campus and now we are in a bigger campus with a lot more students. This school is an overall great school. I have been here 5 months and I am CPR and first aid certified as well as vision and hearing screening certified. And soon to go for my coding and billing certification.”

-Elisa S.

“I’ve been attending medical assistant classes since December. The staff and my teacher are nice and very helpful. Since I have started I have got certified in hearing and vision, passed my billing and coding test, and I am also CPR certified.”
-Steph G.

“My experience in this school has been better than I thought. I like the instructors I have had so far and having experienced M.A.s and doctors as instructors is great! Doctor Romeo is a very good instructor— he is knowledgeable, organized, and he has a lot of patience. I like the time he takes to give tutoring to whoever needs it. He makes sure we learn and when he's not instructing. He's a very nice and fun person to talk to!! I've learned a lot things thanks to Mrs. Priscilla for her teaching for sharing her experiences in the medical field, and Mrs. Heredia for forcing us and encouraging us to learn. I think school is getting better and better. The front staff are great also the classmates. I enjoy being around, it is a fun place to learn. Thank you Vantage and God bless all of you!!!”
-Sarah C.

“Experience at Vantage has help me gain knowledge and hands on training that I can apply in the job force. The instructors at Vantage are supportive, caring and very knowledgeable.”
-Carla P.

“Going to Vantage College was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm studying to be a Medical Assistant and it is a lot of work, but it's great being back in school. My teachers are great and have helped me a lot, especially Mr. Rascon and Dr. Heredia, some of my favorite teachers. If it wasn't for the administrator Marilyn I wouldn't be here, so special thanks to her. Of course I will recommend this school I already did recommend two of my friends and they are so happily attending.”
-Aracelia N.

“This school has been a huge help in getting me prepared for my certification exams. I just finished my 220-801 & 220-802 and am now A+ certified. The hands-on training has helped me grasp concepts that would, otherwise, have been very difficult to wrap my head around. I strongly recommend this campus on Butterfield Trail Blvd and strongly recommend Oscar Lopez as your teacher if you consider the IT program!”
-Roman O.

“The certifications I'm working towards are CPR, EKG, HIPAA and others and I plan to go back after I'm done to work on my Associate's degree. The teachers are really knowledgeable on what they teach because they are well certified and have a lot of experience in the medical field. The instructors have this way in teaching you to make sure you're on it, to remember everything on your medical career path in the future. They are very helpful and hands on. And the staff is very nice and there to help you as well, every step of the way. I am learning so much from the instructors and with their real life medical training and the experiences they've had, it makes want to work even harder and pursue my education further. I've made some really great friends that became my family. The school, the instructors and staff are all wonderful people and I'm glad that I decided to enroll. Thank you Vantage College!! I wear my scrubs and name tag very proudly and would very much highly recommend you to my friends or family members.”
-Erika A.

“I started school at Vantage College in 2015 and i'm about to graduate. My experience here has been nothing but amazing. The staff is amazing, and the environment is so calm and family oriented. I've been able to obtain a few certifications and will be completing my associates degree through Vantage.”
-Amanda H.

“I am going towards my Medical Assistant Associates degree. The teachers here are great excellent. The staff is awesome and everything is to the point. What i like about Vantage College is that I enjoy the atmosphere and the people who surround me. I feel comfortable. Also i have learned a lot throughout these past few months. I certainly recommend everyone who is interested in IT or Medical Assistant Career to come join us!”
-Janette C.

“Im working to gets my AASMA. My experience with the teachers/staff is awesome they are very outgoing and understand and are always there when you need them. They make sure you are ok and understand what we are learning. What I like best about Vantage is how everyone here is so nice and kinda to you and make you feel at home. I always love how the classes are small and we are able to get more on-on-one time. I would recommend Vantage College for all my friends or anyone who is trying to get there life on the right path. Vantage is the college to be at.”
-Claudia C.

“I'm working towards getting my medical assistant associate. My experience with the teachers is wonderful they all have their way of teaching you a way to see things. What I like about Vantage is that they are helping me further my education and also it's going to help my family now. Vantage College is helping me learn new skills and helping me get a better job for my kids. I will recommend my friends and family to come because this will help them in their life.”
-Cynthia R.

“Awesome instructors, love the hands on experience. They make the admission super easy. I love that they push you to do better. I absolutely recommend this college to everyone.”
-Paloma O.

“I've had the pleasure of getting to know the staff a little better now. It's awesome to see that these instructors have such dedication to what they do. Although I don't know every person at Vantage College, from what I've now gathered, these people are AMAZING! I definitely recommend Vantage College. I look forward to getting to know everyone else. These people are great! If you need a change of career, or just looking to better your future, then Vantage College is what your looking for!!! Good luck! Maybe I'll see you newbies there soon!”
-Monica U.

“I enjoy Vantage because we're hands on and the instructors are great. There's day and night time classes so it works with different schedules! Before learning about Vantage I never saw myself in school now I enjoy coming here every morning.”
-Madison E.


Our Mission Statement summarizes our pledge to each Vantage student and guides our actions: 

To promote student success through relevant and affordable educational programs and services responding to economic and workforce development needs, thus empowering our students to obtain gainful employment and career satisfaction, in the shortest time possible.